The association of old students of St. Stephen’s College is known as ‘Stephani’ and themembers as ‘Stephanians’. This association helps the former students of the college to keep in touch with the St. Stephen’s College family. Old students are enrolled as members and are informed of the various activities, progress and achievements of the college. They extend financial assistance for the developmental activities of the college as well as to the poor and needy students.

1..Ms. L. Presanna (Dept. of Chemistry) -Convenor
2. Dr. Varughese P. Daniel (Dept. of Chemistry)
3. Dr.(Ms) Achamma George (Dept. of Physics)
4. Dr. Biju A (Dept. of Zoology)
5. Ms. Pournami P. (Dept. of Zoology)
6. Dr. R. Sreejai (Dept. of Zoology)
7. Ms. Suchithra S. (Dept. of Physics)

Besides the General Alumni ,Departmental Alumni are also functioning in each of the Department.

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