Add-on Courses

1. Department of Commerce
Name of the Course: Foundation programme in Banking and Financial services
Objectives of the Programme
  • To give awareness about banking and financial services.
  • To provide basic knowledge about the banking and financial services to the students of all streams.
  • To give practical knowledge and experience on the topic to students especially the students who have the aim to achieve jobs in banking financial sector.
       Department of Commerce is conducting add-on course on Foundation programme in Banking and Financial services from the year 2017-18. The Hedge School of Applied Economics in association with Kerala Academy for Skill Excellence is conducting the programme. The students of all departments are the beneficiaries of the programme. Resource persons having practical experience in the banking sector and financial sector are sharing their experience in innovative teaching methods.
       The students will get a certificate approved by Kerala Academy for Skill Excellence with the completion of their degree course and also they will get an opportunity of exposure at the time of seeking a job, Strong recommendations and concessions from the part of institution will be received by the students who have an intention to acquire a job in this field.
2. PG and Research Department of  Zoology

Name of the Course:   APICULTURE

Objectives of the Programme
  • To promote self-reliance and self-employment among students
  • To learn the basics of apiculture
  • To learn the rearing of honeybee
  • To learn the methods of honey extraction
  • To learn the value addition and marketing of honey

  •  Module 1 (10 hrs)
     Introduction to apiculture, different species of honeybees, colony organization division of abors and life cycle
  •  Module 2 (10 hrs)
    Beekeeping equipment, seasonal management and maintenance of an apiary, bee pastures
  •  Module 3 (10 hrs)
    Diseases and pests of honey bee and their control, use of honey, bee wax, bee venom, nutrient profile of honey, marketing strategies
  • Hands on training in apiculture (10 hrs)

    Training Training of selected students will be carried out in the participatory bee keeping facility

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