The Department of Chemistry, in its course of development, became a recognized research centre of the University of Kerala in 2022 vide order no. Ac E1 3/2023/UOK dated 29.12.2022. The research centre currently has three approved research guides with specialization in areas like Phytochemistry, Co-ordination Chemistry, Fabrication of Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells (LECs) and solar cells, Modified Graphene Oxide Based Molecular Imprinted Polymers for Biosensing Applications etc. The research centre also offers the required physical and instrumental facilities for the research scholars for doing research. In addition to the stock of 3000 text books and 10 Journals of chemistry available in the central library, the department itself maintains a department library having a stock of more than hundred text books for reference. The details of the research supervisors of the research centre are given below.

Dr. SUJAMOL M. S. KERALA Ac.E. VI/3249/2021/UOK 25.06.2021
Dr. SUNESH C. D. KERALA Ac.E.VI(2)/21575/2021/UOK 16.09.2021
Dr. SHEEBA ALEXANDER KERALA Ac.E VI(2)/21577/2021/UOK 16.09.2021

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