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Citizen science forum brings together diverse actors from gathering information regarding documentation and data collection of environment and biodiversity, participatory conservation initiatives, participatory eco-restoration programmes and so on. Students, Local communities and environmental organizations have been involved in monitoring and conserving local natural resources for many years in several countries. In some cases, local communities have actually driven the development of a research initiative through acute concerns about water or air quality in their region. Participation in citizen science generates greater participation in public decision-making, with some projects providing direct means for public input on government policy and environmental management.

The advantage of Citizen Science forum is that Science communication play in citizen science will be discussed at various levels including at experts level where scientists will provide shape and better understanding to the communicating theme. Citizen Science forum offers a platform for discussion, exchange of experience and networking for the Citizen Science community in the institution and beyond.

Public participation in scientific research has surged in popularity and prominence in recent years through the connections of the World Wide Web, an explosion of smart phone pocket computing power, and a slow cultural change within professional science toward a more open and welcoming research environment.

Potential of citizen science forum is to engage with science popularisation and involve the public issues and direct the monitoring and management of environment and our natural resources.Institutions can build capacity for citizen science and crowd sourcing while facilitating cooperation across agencies and with outside organizations. The following are the areas where Citizen Science Forum can act.

  • Documentation of biodiversity.
  • Monitoring natural resources.
  • Monitoring environment.
  • Collect core information needs for research and monitoring.
  • Promote environmental stewardship.
  • Foster public involvement in environmental decision-making.
  • Spread knowledge and scientific literacy.
  • Encourage collaboration.
  • Address questions of local concern.
  • Expand awareness of an organization’s mission.
  • Ignite synergies between science, education, and public engagement.

Citizen science has earned a reputation for excellence in advancing science literacy at all ages and educational levels. Citizen science projects have produced rigorous science on par with conventional research produced entirely by professional scientists.

 Photo documentation project for Students

We are proposing a project for our students in the Covid 19 pandemic situations where students can spare time to document environment, plants and animals (biodiversity). Students may take photographs of any animals, birds, insects, flowers, plants etc using mobile phone or camera and send to the web link given in the website. This will be scrutinised by taxonomic expert and validated. Data’s / photographs significant to science and novel to the area will be displayed in the following portal envisaged for displaying Citizen Science forum data.

Collection of Photographs

For photographs related to animals.  Travancore Fauna. [ Click ]
For photographs related to plants. Travancore Flora.[ Click ]

Upload your photographs related to Animals.Click here.                                                      Upload your photographs related to Plants.Click here.

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