Principal Desk

” A Great privilege and honor to head the St.Stephen’s College, Pathanapuram which imbibe the motto of “Sacrifice, Serve and Save” initiated by the great spiritual and educational visionary, our founder Manager His Grace Thomas Mar Dionysius.

            His Grace was a student of Christ Church College in the Oxford University during 1937-39.  Renowned educationalist and the former President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was one of his intimate friends at Oxford.

            Inspired by the academic culture, scientific temper and civilization of west our founder established educational institutions, which is the powerful instrument for the social, cultural and economic transformation of the rural Pathanapuram during 1964 after the name of St.Stephen, the first martyr of Christianity.

            After a half century on onward journey now we could find visible transformation of rural Pathanapuram into socially, economically and literally Elevated Township.  But the world is rapidly progressing towards new frontiers of modern science.  Accumulation of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are the evolving dimension of life. Our new generation has to be equipped with skilled labor conjugating with Mathematics, Computer Science, data Science and in depth learning is on demand.

            Molding of the tomorrow’s leaders of our nation encompasses a sustainable living model for environment and economy.  With increasing pollution, depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, fragmentation of forest and climate change related consequences demanding an intelligent planning for a sustainable world.

            We need to equip our generation to inculcate our oldest civilization, rich culture and heritage in order to live in Peace with our diversity of color, creed, language, tradition and faith.”

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