The Department of Zoology the pioneer and prestigious department of the college, consistently progressed to the Research department through the active participation and hard work of the faculty by gaining all infrastructural strengths and motivational blessings of our Management. The Department offers courses for Under Graduate,Post Graduate and Doctoral degree from the University of Kerala. Ours is the first Department to offer UG and PG courses and to have a Research Centre.The Meritorious history of the Department of Zoology began with the Pre University course in 1964. The progress of the Department to a UG Department took place in 1978 and in 1995 the Department was upgraded to a Post Graduate Department.The University of Kerala elevated the Department to a Research Centre in 2000.We offered a University Grants Commission Sponsored Job oriented Vocational course “Biological technique” and Specimen preparation from, 2002 on and successfully conducted it continuously for 5 yrs. We respectfully remember the forerunners of the Department,                    Late Prof. Kurien Thomas and Late Prof. KurienBabu who laid foundation for these achievements. The meritorious contributions rendered by our dear and most respected Professors, Dr.Elizabeth.K Joshua, Mrs.Susamma Joseph, Rev.Fr.Dr.T M Joseph (H.G.Dr.Joseph Mar Dionysius) Rev.Fr.G.P Mathen, Mrs.Mariamma Philip and Dr. Joseph Mathai must be called upon at this juncture.

Presently the Department boasts much to experienced faculty members Dr.K.P.Laladas, Dr.Neena Suzzan Joshua,Capt.(Dr.)Koshy P.M.,Dr.Sajudden P.A.,Dr.Biju.A,Dr.Pournami.P,Dr.Sreejai.R and Mrs.Chinchu Mathew. The Dynamic Leadership of Dr.Neena Suzzan Joshua,the Head of the Department impels our Department to strive for better heights. The Department offers courses under choice based credit and semester system from the University of Kerala.The first degree programme has the core courses in Animal Diversity,Methodology and perspective of Science,Cell biology,Immunology,Microbiology,Physiology and Biochemistry,Developmental Biology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Ethology, Evolution, Vermiculture and Apiculture.

Open course in Public Health and Hygiene is also offered to students of other Departments. The Post Graduate degree course offered by the Department has modules in Systematic and Evolutionary biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Instrumentation, Advanced Physiology, Anatomy, Genetics,Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology,Biodiversity Conservation, Pollution Biology,Environmental Management.

The Research Centre is enriched with seven Professors doing Research in the modern dimension of science.The various area of Research are Biochemistry, Bio-prospecting, Biodiversity Conservation,Toxicology, Biodiversity Documentation, Environmental Sciences, Pollution Biology, Systematic studies,Marine pharmacology and Taxonomy of Marine planktons.The Centre has 12 Research scholars doing their research.

H.G Dr.Joseph Mar Dionysius (Rev.Fr.Dr.T M Joseph) was the founder Director of the Research Centre. Zoology Research Centre has much academic output to its credit.The Research wing has more than 150 Research publications and 25 books authored and published by the faculty.A Major and 5 Minor Research projects funded by various agencies like DST, University Grants Commission were completed at our Centre. One Major Research project funded by Directorate of environment and climate change, Govt. of Kerala is ongoing in this centre.

The Department has conducted National Seminars,State level Seminars in our College.We can proudly state that many of our Alumni has successfully placed in various Departments and Colleges.It is a matter of pride to add that 50% of faculty are Alumni of the Department.

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