• Under Graduate Programme in Zoology.
  • Post Graduate Programme in Zoology with Environmental Biology specialisation.
  • Zoology is offered as a complementary subject to Botany students.
  • Open course offered in other departments. The subject offered is Public Health and Hygiene.
  • Research leading to Ph.D.
  • Add –on-Course in Apiculture Training.

Undergraduate programme in Zoology
The B.Sc. Zoology programme is designed to provide an opportunity to impart knowledge in  recent advances in zoology, in the area ofSystematics, Animaldiversity, Informatics, Evolution ,Developmental, Biology, Biochemistry, Ethology,Cytology,Immunology,Ecology, Genetics,Vermiculture and Apiculture.The programme inculcates in the students an interest in the rich diversity of nature and helps to acquire basic knowledge and practical skills in applied branches for self employment. The minimum time required to complete the course is three years.
Objectives: Imparting quality education in zoology has been the focus of the department.Emphasis is given on education both within and outside the classroom.
Eligibility: The minimum eligibility for pursuing this course is an intermediate 10+2 in Science with Physics, Chemistry,Biology and English as compulsory subjects. Students must have secured a good percentage of marks in their 10+2 examination

Postgraduate programme in Zoology
This is a course with specialization in environmental biology. The programme helps to develop deeper understanding of key concepts of Systematics, Taxonomy, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Developmental biology, Immunology, Environment pollution & physiology and environmental management. The degree enables them to gain specialized knowledge in the area of research and offers job opportunities.

  • To develop problem solving skills in students and encourage them to carry out innovative research projects, thereby enkindling in them the spirit of knowledge creation.
  • To apply the theoretical knowledge gained during the program to the actual practice of developing practical skills in laboratory and fields.

Eligibility: The candidate must have passed B.Sc. Zoology with 50% or above marks in aggregate.

Add -on-Course in Apiculture Training
The department of zoology conducts an apiculture training programme to the students. This activity was initiated in the department from the year 2018 onwards and hands-on training was given to handle the beehives and for the scientific management of them. The course is intended to promote self-reliance and self-employment among students. A total of thirty students from various departments participated in the training programme.For more details [click here]

Ph.D. programme in Zoology
The research centre offers a Ph.D. programme in zoology with specialization in the area of Biochemistry, Bio-prospecting, Bio-monitoring, Biodiversity Conservation, Biodiversity Documentation, Environmental Sciences, Ethology. Pollution biology, Toxicology, Systematic studies, Marine pharmacology and Taxonomy of Marine plankton.


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