Research Centre

1. H. G. Job Mar Philoxenos Memorial Research Centre (Department of Zoology)                      

Conference Hall.
Research Lab.

The University of Kerala elevated the Department to a Research Centre in 2000. The Research Centre is enriched with seven Professors doing Research in the modern dimension of science. The various area of Research are Biochemistry, Bio-prospecting, Biodiversity Conservation, Biodiversity Documentation, Environmental Sciences, Pollution biology, Toxicology, Systematic studies, Marine pharmacology and Taxonomy of Marine plankton. The Centre has 10 Research scholars doing their research. H.G Dr Joseph Mar Dionysius was the founder Director of the Research Centre. Zoology Research Centre has much academic output to its credit. The Research wing has more than 150 Research publications and 25 books authored and published by the faculty. A Major and 5 Minor Research projects funded by various agencies like DST, University Grants Commission were completed at our Centre.

2. Post-Graduate Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is one of the recognized research centres of the University of Kerala. The research centre currently has three approved research guides with specialization in areas like Phytochemistry, Co-ordination Chemistry, Fabrication of Light-emitting Electrochemical cells (LECs) and solar cells, Modified Graphene Oxide Based Molecular Imprinted Polymers for Biosensing Applications etc. The research centre also offers the required physical and instrumental facilities for the research scholars for doing research. In addition to the stock of 3000 text books and 10 Journals of chemistry available in the central library, the department itself maintains a department library having a stock of more than hundred text books for reference. 

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