Bridge Course & Induction Programme

Bridge Course

                  With a view to enhance the comprehension in subjects we frame a bridge course to first semester B.A/B.Sc /B.Com programme students. The essentials and fundamentals of Higher Secondary level subjects are necessary to understand the subject at an ease and this will lead to a better appreciation of the subject.


The bridge course aims to act as a buffer for the new entrants with an objective to provide adequate time for the transition to hardcore of degree courses. This gives them a breather, to prepare themselves before the onset of courses for first year degree programme. During this interaction of five hours with the faculty and their classmates the students will be equipped with the knowledge and the confidence needed to take on bigger challenges in future.


The course consist of 10 Hrs of interactive sessions and an internal examination designed by the respective departments which is compulsory for all students. The result will be published in the website as well as on the notice board.

Induction Programme

Purpose of Student Induction Programme is to help new students adjust and feel comfortable
in the new environment, inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution, help them
build bonds with other students and faculty members, and expose them to a sense of larger
purpose and self exploration.
The term induction is generally used to describe the whole process whereby the incumbents
adjust to or acclimatize to their new roles and environment. In other words, it is a well
planned event to educate the new entrants about the environment in a particular institution,
and connect them with the people in it.
Student Induction Programme engages with the new students as soon as they come into the
institution; before regular classes start. At the start of the induction, the incumbents learn
about the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values, and their mentor
groups are formed.

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