Department of Physics, the royal department in the college, started functioning with the inception of the college in the year 1964. Upon unveiling the history of the department, we can identify three progressive phases. The first pioneer phase includes the beginning of the Physics department with an undergraduate pre-degree course. The second phase began in the year 1979 with the launch of B.Sc. Physics degree course. The physics department was then elevated to the status of ‘Postgraduate Department of Physics’ with the commencement of the M.Sc. Physics course in the year 2001, marking the initiation of third phase. The department was always blessed with eminent and industrious teachers in each of its phases. Their expertise and vision has lessened the burden on the present generation in building the basic amenities for the department. We have immense pride that our faculty member and an alumnus of the department, Dr. Achamma George, led the St. Stephen’s College as Principal from 1st July 2017 to 31st March 2019.

Presently, the department has 7 permanent faculty members (3 are PhD holders and 4 of them are pursuing PhD) and two guest faculty. The teachers of the department are actively focusing on enriching their knowledge base by joining FDP courses and other online/offline courses introduced by the government. We have also initiated efforts towards the establishment of a research lab, for the teachers who are pursuing doctoral degree and for those who need to progress in their postdoctoral research activities. The motto of our department is “to always strive towards the personal and academic development of students who join with a passion to pursue physics”.

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