A Word about our Founder

The life of His Grace Mar Thoma Dionysius is a source of inspiration for all of us in the family of Mount Tabor. His Grace was a pioneer in the educational field of Kerala.  More than five decades back, His Grace laid the foundation for a Religo-Educational Centre at Pathanapuram at a beautiful hillock which he christened as ‘Mount Tabor’.

His Grace was a student of Christ Church College in the Oxford University during 1937-39. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, former President of India, was one of his best friends there. Inspired by the noble traditions of western culture and civilization, His Grace wanted the Mount Tabor to be the fountainhead of progress for the people around.

He was consecrated as Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese of the Orthodox Church in 1940 and continued in the same ecclesiastical post for 32 years till his demise on 3rd December 1972.

Besides being an ecclesiastical episcopal leader, he was also a versatile social leader, philanthropist, humanist and educationalist.

The valuable services rendered by Mount Tabor educational institutions, hospitals and orphanages in different parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu testify the commitment of His  Grace for the cause of education and social welfare in the backward and under developed.

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