Central Library

Dr. K.P LaladhasChairman(Principal)
Rev.Fr.(Dr.) Koshy N.J.Member (Dept. of Mathematics)
Dr. Biju A. Member (Dept. of Zoology)
Ms. Blessy John Member (Dept. of English)
Ms. Maja K. Koshy Member (Dept. of Commerce)
Mr. Liju T. Varghese Member (Dept. of Oriental Languages)
Dr. Sujamol M.S. Member (Dept. of Chemistry)
Ms. Rini Varghese Member (Dept. of Physics)
Dr. Praveen Dhar T.Convenor (Dept. of Botany)
Mr. Blesson Mathew Member (Dept. of Economics)
Mr. Baiju JoyMember Secretary (Librarian)
College Union ChairmanStudent Representative

“A Social Space for Learning, Research and Enlightenment”

Central Library supports the teaching and research activities of the College. It is the Centre of all academic activities of all Under Graduate , Post Graduate and Research studies. The total carpet area of the Central Library is 300 square meter. This consist of reading space with 100 reading seats, stack section, reference section, Journal section and digital library. The following print resources are available. 29603 Books and 436 reference books, 32 Journals, 36 magazines, News Papers, Newsletters, reports, dissertation and thesis.

  • Circulation of Books

Users can take books from Library on all working days from 9.00 a.m to 4.30 p. m. Each Under Graduate student can be take two books, P G Students can be take five books from library for the period of 14 days.

  • Online Public Access Catalogue

The Online Library Catalogue will help you to identify the correct location of books and resources . Before searching books in Library Shelf users are advised to search the Online Catalogue. So you are requested to paste the static IP in browser     Online Catalogue

  • Digital Library Services

Library Users can use Digital library for Learning. Project Works, Assignments, Research, Literature Search, internet search etc are permitted. It is strictly for educational purpose only.

  • Reader’s Advisory Service

Library Team will be committed for satisfaction of each user. While using library you may required different types of personal reference services. eg. Searching Library Catalogue, Location and Misplacement of Books etc. You are welcome to receive the service. .

  • Inflibnet-Nlist E Books and E Journals

All students and staff of the college can access the inflibnet N-list for e-books and e-journal. The access of e -resources are via user name and password. written request for user accounts should be given to The Librarian

  • Reference Service

We have reference section which includes Dictionary, Handbooks, Encyclopedia,. Reference Service means personal assistance to users help to lead greater use of library

  • Photostat and Printing( Library resources only)

Library is providing Reprographic Service for educational purpose. Download a form from the link.  Form  Maximum page is allowed at time 10 only. Rs. 1 per page will be charged. Library Photostat facility will not be used for other than print documents from the Library. Library is not promoting printing of documents due to green library practices, users are advised to save documents in cloud-like google drive, dropbox, mail, etc. In an urgent basis library will help the user to take print by paying Rs.5 per pages.

  • Information Literacy Training

Our College library provides information Literacy training programme for students.
 Download Syllabus   before attending the class

  • Library Orientation

All students in the College are mandatory attend library orientation class. Which will help them to develop sharp learning skill and information seeking behaviour. Intrested users can download    Library Orientation Presentation

  • Readers Forum

Readers Forum is an open forum of Library Users. The forum conducted three or four times in every month. Thirty students have attended in all meeting. The readers forum aimed to cultivate Reading, Writing, Presentation and Leadership Skills among students. Those who wish to join with the club at any time with in academic year.

  • Literary Club

Literary Club is one of the initiatives of Library .The forum is conducting under the regulation of University of Kerala for S3 and S4 Degree Students. Students who wish to join the Club at the begining of III rd Semester through the Head of the Department. Maximum number of participants are permitted only 20. Those who wish to cultivate Reading, Writing, Presentation and Leadership Skills you are warm welcome.

  • Library Volunteers Services

Library Volunteer services is aimed to connect every students in our college with library. Library volunteer will help in the process in very informal way. and also connect latest informations arrived in library with the students in the class. Only one student from a class is expected to work as library volunteer for one academic year.

  • Summer Internship Programme

Summer Internship programme is an intensive programme for cultivating research aptitude and social commitment among students. All the sessions will be interdisciplinary model and beyond traditional teaching. Following topics will be covered they are Philosophy of life, perceptions, Research method, Literature search techniques, Meditation, Film studies, Reading biographies, Field Visit, Interpersonal Skill Development etc.

  • Extension Activity Programme for Rural Children.
  • Celebrating Special days and Organizing Competitions.
  • Books Exhibitions.
  • Question Paper Bank.

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