Our Patron Saint

Our College is named after St. Stephen (1st century), one of the first seven ordained Deacons and the first Martyr of Christianity. His biography and an elaborate apologia by him before Jewish council are recorded in the Book of Acts, chapter 7 (Bible). Though by birth a Hellenistic diaspora Jew, he was brought up by his mother as a true Christian. Justifying the meaning of his name (Stephen=Crown) he was truly a ‘crown’ of the Church. He was a mirror image of Christ in every sense and was a man full offaith, wisdom and of the Holy Spirit. He taught in the Synagogue of the Libertines. He was accused of blasphemy before the Jewish council and was then stoned to death and while dying, he prayed for the pardon of his accusers.

     We should be proud of having St. Stephen as our Patron Saint. We should imbibe from him the message of sacrifice, forgiveness and commitment and try to be crowns of the society.

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