The department has an active association. The association organizes curricular as well as co-curricular activities every year. These activities provide ample opportunities for the students to express their talents and develop various skills.



Title and Nature of the event Name and Address of the faculty Proposed Month Venue
1. Induction Programme for First Year students Co-ordinators:

Ms. Rini Varghese and Ms. Seena Sivadas

August College Auditorium
2. World Space Week Celebrations-Visit to VSSC Co-ordinators:

Dr. Ragesh Chandran & Ms. Suchithra S.

October VSSC
3. Physics Association Inauguration Co-ordinator:

Dr. Mary Varughese

Resource Person:

 To be finalized

October College Seminar Hall
4. Farewell Meeting of Final year M.Sc. Students Co-ordinator:

Ms. Shibi Krishnan

To be finalized College Seminar Hall
5. National Science Day Celebration – One Day Seminar Co-ordinator:

Ms. Rini Varghese

Resource Person:

To be finalized

February College Seminar Hall

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