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Eco-restoration and biodiversity enhancement of Kallada river through people’s participatory programme”. Funded by Directorate of Ecology and Climate Change, Govt. of Kerala

Research Activities

Research publications

Publications Total No.
International 42
National 01
Book chapter 59
Proceedings 30

 Research Guides

Sl.No. Research Guides Institute/ College
1. Dr. K.P Laladhas Dept. of Zoology, St. Stephen’s College, Pathanapuram
2. Dr. Biju A. Dept. of Zoology, St. Stephen’s College, Pathanapuram
3. Dr. R. Sreejai Dept. of Zoology, St. Stephen’s College, Pathanapuram
4. Dr. Abhilash R. Dept. of Zoology, Christian College, Chenganur
5. Dr. Jean Jose Dept. of Zoology, S.G. College, Kottarakkara
6. Dr. Johnson Baby Dept. of Zoology, Christian College, Chenganur
7. Dr. Deepthi G.R. Dept. of Zoology, Bishopmoore College, Mavelikkara


Research Students  
Sl.No.  Research Students Research Topics
1 Bettina P. Alex (Kerala University  JRF) Bioaccumulation of trace metals in planktonic organisms of Cochin backwaters.
2 Jyothirmaye Mohan (Kerala University  JRF) Assessment of trophic transfer of trace metal along the aquatic food webs of  Cochin backwaters
3 Remya  Devi GS (SC Welfare Department) Impact  of pesticides on the hepatorenal and reproductiotive organ of a Teleost
4 Soumya Jalal (CSIR –SRF) Biodiversity of planktonic organisms of the Ashtamudi Lake with special reference to the taxonomy of Malacostraca
5 Sujitha S. (UGC- JRF) Spatio-temporal distribution of benthic fauna in Achenkovil river in relation to water quality
6 Jensy Roshan (UGC- FDP) Ecology of KottaKayal Wetland Ecosystem in Kerala
7 Dani Benchamin (Kerala University  JRF) Benthic macroinvertebrates as indicators of water quality in Kallada River
8 Ms. Beena S Kurup (Kerala University  JRF) Macroinvertebratecommunities associated with macrophytes in the tributaries of Kalladaand Achankovil River
9 Soumya S. (CSIR –JRF) Antiproliferative and Apoptotic effects of plants products from Wrightiatinctoria, Tragia involucrate, Aristolochiaindica.
10 Parvathy  Mohan (Kerala University  JRF) Ecologocal status and experimental restoration of middle reaches of Achankovil River Kerala
11 Babitha A. (FDP) Comparative account on copepod diversity in Mangalore (Southwest coast) and Parangipettai Southeast coast ) India
12 Chinju Mathew (FDP) Evaluation of heavy metal concentration in water and copepods from selected regions of Kerala coast
13 Arya  M.S. Ecology and zooplankton diversity of mangrove ecosystem adjacent to Munroe Island, part of Ashtamudi Lake , Kollam , Kerala
14 Vineetha S. Diversity, Ecology and bioaccumulation of pollutants in mangrove associated mollusks of Ashtamudi lake, Kollam, Kerala, India.
15 Liji Koshy Diversity, Distribution and phylogeny of ant fauna in Ashtamudi wetland with special emphasis on Munroe Island, Kollam District.
16 Hayarnnisa M. Diversity, Distribution  and habitat preference of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in selected areas of Konni forest division and its relationship to ecosystem functioning
17 Swetha Chandra Evolutionary Biogeography of Endemic Cyprinid fishes of the Periyar Cardamom hills

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