1. Kurian Thomas Retirement endowment:
    This is instituted by Prof. Kurian Thomas ( Former HoD Dept. of Zoology) on his retirement. instituted by Prof. Kurian Thomas (Former Head of the Department of Zoology) for the top score in B.Sc. Zoology and Zoology. The amount is given to best students in Post- Graduate and Undergraduate classes of department of Zoology.
  2. Kurian Thomas Memorial Scholarship:
    In memory of Late Kurian Thomas by his family to the top scorer of Final year B.Sc. Zoology.
  3. H.G. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius Diamond Jubilee Ever rolling trophy:
    The ever rolling trophy for inter department quiz on ‘Environmental issues and Conservation” was instituted by H.G. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius, the Metropolitan of Calcutta Diocese, former faculty member and Research Director, Department of Zoology.

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