Toppers of Our College -2020…..

College Toppers of Under Graduate Courses for the year -2020

        1. Ms. Mehana Mehaboob, B.A. English (CGPA-7.9)
    1. Ms. Ancy Thomas, B.A. Economics (CGPA-7.57)
    2. Ms. Anagha S.S., B.Sc. Botany (CGPA-8.72)
    3. Ms. Aryalakshmy D.V., B.Sc. Chemistry (CGPA-8.72)
    4. Ms. Mridula Madanan, B.Sc. Mathematics (CGPA-9.41)
    5. Ms. Selin .K, B.Sc. Physics (CGPA-8.57)
    6. Ms. Arya Madhu, B.Sc. Zoology (CGPA-9.06)
    7. Ms. Meera.S, B.Com. (CGPA-8.7)

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